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 Purpose and Scope

This website is devoted to the study and genealogy of any and every Jam?son we can find who emigrated from Ireland (Scotland and England) to the United States, during the years of the great Famine, generally considered to be from 1847-1852, although we'll allow a few more years - give or take a bit.

The main purpose of the website is to create a central place where all famine period Jam?son immigrants can be found and studied. It is also our hope and goal, to find within this group anyone who might belong to our particular Jameson family, as determined by our known DNA profile.

The scope of this project is the period from 1847-1852 and for those that immigrated mostly from the British Isles to North America and in particular to America.

A significant amount of what can be found on this website is a result of the personal research and generous sharing of information about these families, by many people, without which much would have gone untold. If you have any interest in or knowledge of these people or families and their descendants, we'd love to hear from you. In fact, we strongly urge you to contact us.